About Us

Our Philosophy

The provision of individualized health care, where the patient is treated in a non-judgmental manner, where at each visit he/she is respected, where each person is listened to and heard, where hope is conveyed and where they are assessed medically and psychologically. That is the core belief and the basis for the provision of care at Benson Health Clinic.

Our Story

Benson Health Clinic was founded in loving memory of Dr. Lyle M. Benson (1922-2003). Dr. Benson was a family practitioner in Springfield from 1952 and retired from his full-time practice in 1989. He delivered the first baby at the “then” new McKenzie Willamette Hospital. Dr. Benson is remembered as a practitioner who deeply dedicated his time and care to each and every patient.

Our goal at Benson Health Clinic is to care for each patient the way Dr. Benson did. Our private practice is based on a “medical home” model, where quality health care providers of multiple disciplines have come together in one location. Our team of exceptional health care providers is committed to helping individuals discover their highest wellness experience through personalized, patient-centered care.